Get your kicks on Route 66

The sound of the pouring rain has amplified our roaring hunger to spot for a new dining destination in the heart of Angeles City. 

This was after a roller coaster ride of emotions brought about by watching the hit indie film ‘100 Tula Para Kay Stella’ by Kapampangan director and writer Jason Paul Laxamana.

As often said, food is best savoured with someone – hungrier- than you are.

My tastebuddy for the night is no other than the outstanding educator, influential environmentalist, profound broadcaster and multi-awarded Kapampangan indie film actress — my mentor, Cecile Yumul. 

This I consider some sort of a rare phenomenon, that both of us have no idea what would perfectly satisfy our tastebuds for that night alone. 

Out to explore, we have found a dangeon of food stalls in Balibago just beside the famous pizza parlor, the Didi’s pizza. 

With its enticing ambiance (I am not sure if this just purely ‘danup’) and IG-perfect blend of luscious red and white complemented with old plakas hanged on the walls, the two of us ended up saying ‘subukan tamu keni’. 

Appetized by the mexicano aroma all over the place, we have tried their house specialties:  Route 66 Two Layered Cheese Burger topped with onion rings, Meat Mush 66 pasta in red sauce, cheesy quesadilla with salsa and mayo dip and two glasses of bottomless iced tea, all for only 536 pesos. 

And we did not fail. (Though the common denominator of what we have ordered is the distinct sweet taste, quite considerable since Route 66 is not genuinely a Mexican resto).

The total dining experience is absolutely rewarding. 

How about yours? 

Visit Route 66 Philippines Diner at IBG Plaza Mon Tang Avenue, Mac Arthur Highway Balibago, Angeles City every Monday to Sunday from 2:00 p.m. to 12 midnight.

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