Going Nuts about the Success of Edelyn’s Homemade Nuts

When a door closes, a window opens up. This is what Edelyn Canero of Edelyn’s Homemade Nuts learned with all the struggles she went through in life.

A Challenging Start

Recalling the challenges she encountered in 2004, she said it was really a test of patience, perseverance and a strong will if one wants to go farther in life. During that time, she and her husband do not have enough financial capability to send their two children to school. It was also around this time that her husband resigned from work as a soft drinks dealer. As if these circumstances are not yet enough to challenge her, she also shared that they are always evacuating due to perennial flooding in the coastal town of Minalin, where they reside.

Edelyn Cañero shares her struggles and tips on how to succeed to various groups who visited her factory in Minalin for benchmarking. This is her way of helping micro-entrepreneurs grow and expand their businesses like hers. (Photo courtesy of Edelyn Cañero)

Instead of going nuts about the enormity of her financial and family problems, she made a choice to step up and face these difficulties head on. That was when she decided to venture into the business of selling homemade nuts.

Unlike the Edelyn’s Homemade Nuts which we all know today, her first years into the business did not come off easy. She literally went from one office to another, to her neighbors and friends, to sell her products. At times, she will just leave her products to them only to be returned. If she is lucky enough to have her products sold, she usually collects their payment during payday.

The Start of Something Big

Instead of giving up, her experiences early in the business served as her driving force to persevere more. She also sought the help of government agencies that helped her to expand and become one of the most famous business names not only in Pampanga but in the whole country and even abroad.

Cañero said the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is a great help to her in terms of labeling and packaging. DTI also aid her in terms of the nutrition facts and barcode.

“Even the packaging colors were conceptualized by DTI to make our products more presentable to the market. Because of this evolution, our different product lines are now sought after not only among locals, but also a favorite pasalubong of our balikbayans. With their assistance, our products are now well-packaged and have longer shelf life, making them widely accepted for export,” she shared.

Even today, she is grateful for the continuous assistance, not only of DTI, but also of other agencies and institutions that provide much needed support and technical assistance to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

Expanding by the Numbers

Her perseverance and passion in the business she put up paved the way for her to start reaping its fruits of success. From 20 kilos of peanuts she sells everyday when she is only starting with her venture, her factory now cooks 550 kilos per day. Even her product line expands to include not only peanuts, but garlic chips and cashew nuts as well.

“Our market reach is now a lot wider. We have around 250 outlets and distribution channels nationwide. Aside from placements in supermarkets, we also have our own kiosks in select malls now. We also continuously innovate. Our latest product is the adobo native nuts,” Cañero said.

In terms of employees, the business started with just two, but now they are employing 30 individuals in their factory alone.

“These employees are assigned in the production, logistics and as admin. Aside from them, we also have additional people who act as salesperson in our mall kiosks,” she said.

Importance of Quality and Quantity

While she owed her products’ success greatly to the assistance of agencies in its packaging and labeling, she shared that everything will still start from the raw materials. When she was just starting, she bought peanuts in Vigan while the cashew nuts that she used are bought in Bataan and Palawan. However, because of the bulk of supplies she needs, she has to resort now to importing some of the raw materials she uses in order to ensure continuous production.

“Aside from this, planning is also very important aspect of production. To ensure that we will not run out of stocks, at the start of each year, we already have a projected production for the entire year,” Cañero said.

Another strategy to ensure there will be enough supply of raw materials is a partnership with the Municipal Agriculture Office of Minalin.

“With the seeds from the region, we have partnered with our municipal agriculturist in encouraging our local farmers to plant peanuts. This way, we can have locally-sourced materials which can help me with my business and at the same time provide livelihood to our farmers in Minalin,” she shared.

Milestone in her Business

Edelyn’s Homemade Nuts owner Edelyn Cañero was cited as one of the Ten Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs by Go Negosyo for small and medium category. With her is Presidential Adviser for Entrepreneurship and Go Negosyo Founder Joey Concepcion. (Photo courtesy of Edelyn Cañero)

Expanding her business in and out of the country can be considered an overwhelming blessing already. Aside from that, she is also invited to speak and give motivation to those who want to start their own business by sharing her story and tips on how to succeed.

But when asked what her greatest accomplishment is so far, her answer would be when she was recognized as one of the Go Negosyo 2018 Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte.

Inspiring Filipina

Edelyn Cañero, in one of her radio guestings, advocating women empowerment in entrepreneurship. The said guesting was held during one of the episodes of DWRW 95.1 FM’s Talakayan Ngayon radio program. (Marie Joy L. Simpao/ PIA-3)

Truly, with her passion and perseverance, she deserves to be looked up and emulated as an inspiring Filipina.

When asked what her message to those who would want to venture into business would be, she reminded them not to give up or lose hope.

“When engaging in business, it’s important that you are industrious, passionate and God-fearing. Always maintain customer satisfaction in all your products. Most importantly, love your employees and treat them as your own family because they are the ones who will help you walk the road to success. Without them, you can only achieve little,” Cañero said.  (CLJD/MJLS-PIA 3)

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