Guagua mayor bares plans for health, education sectors

Mayor Anthony Joseph Torres bared his plans for the health and education sectors under his first term as local chief executive of Guagua, Pampanga.

In an interview, Torres said that among his priorities is the creation of a dialysis center to provide free treatment to indigent Guaguaeños. 

“We want to give our poor constituents access to free dialysis. We know that PhilHealth is helping us, but patients have to still pay a little for their treatment. With this center, we want to somehow unburden them by reducing their family’s expenses,” he said. 

The mayor added that the municipal government is also preparing so that when Universal Health Care is fully implemented, it can immediately comply with the requirements of the national government. 

The Rural Health Unit, he said, continues to vaccinate its residents against Covid-19. 

“As long as we have more vaccines, let’s avail them so that we can achieve herd immunity faster,” Torres said. 

In particular, he urged students as well as teachers to get vaccinated to ensure everyone’s safety in preparation for the implementation of face-to-face classes. 

Aside from that, Torres they are preparing the schools and classrooms to ensure the safety of the students. 

“We are preparing hand washing facilities in schools for the use of students to avoid the spread of viruses. We also assess facilities to make sure that there is proper ventilation. Also, we are doing maintenance and repairs of school facilities so that students will be safe from any kind of disaster,” the mayor said. 

Torres also mentioned the Guagua Community College, which he said is a big help to every student who wants to get a tertiary education with good and quality learning.

He also shared his plan to establish an Integrated High School for students who will be taking secondary education but are residing in remote villages of the town.

“This Integrated High School will be built in a clustered barangay and will serve at least five to six villages. Cliche as it may be, I always believe that the best help that we can give a family is providing their children with a good and quality education that they can use to build their future well,” he said. 

He also vowed to give the youth all the services they need to make them productive and empowered citizens, including programs aligned in sports, mental health, and their participation in good governance. (CLJD/MJSC-PIA 3 with Ross Jim Lugtu and Marilene Changcoco, interns)

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