HAU-SHTM recognizes ‘masters of local cuisine’

The Holy Angel University School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (HAU-SHTM) has gathered Kapampangan culinary masters on a night of awards and delights to honor their signifant contributions in the hospitality and tourism industry of Pampanga.

HAU OIC- President Leopoldo Jaime Valdez highlighted in his speech the words ‘sig, lug, halo, kare and tibuk’, when doubled become more exciting. “So that’s what we have in Kapampangan, more than doubling it, we raise it to higher heights,” the president enthused during the awarding on Wednesday, June 5 at Casa Nena here.

Awardees for sisig (chopped grilled pork with chicken liver and seasoned with onion, pepper, kalamansi) are Cadoc’s Sisig, Aling Lucing and Cusina de Parilla; Apag Marangle, Ottie’s and Susie’s Cuisine for pancit luglug or palabok (noodle dish with ground pork, egg and shrimp sauce); Bale Campampangan, Binulo and Souq Pampanga for kare-kare (stew with thick peanut sauce); Betty’s Native Cakes, My Lola Nor’s Meryendahan and Susie’s Cuisine for tibuk-tibuk (carabao-milk pudding); and Jurado’s 5, Macabebest Halo-Halo and Razon’s for halo-halo (‘mix-mix’, shaved iced dessert).

Finalists were nominated by the HAU community consisting of students, faculty and employees.

SHTM Dean Dr. Mervyn Aldana said the department will launch a webpage featuring the finalists. “So it is our help to the tourism industry in Pampanga, so when people would like to visit Pampanga, they can search where’s the best sisig, halo-halo, kare-kare and more,” he added.

Also present were Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Al Biag, Center for Kapampangan Studies Director Robby Tantingco, and Dr. Felipe Pablo, SHTM founding Dean Dr. Gertrude Tuazon, Registrar Head Dr. Jesus Panlilio, and Internationalization Head Dr. Tyrone Yap.

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