Heartfelt Heroism: GNPD volunteers spark love by donating blood to dialysis patients in Bataan

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and
lifting people up.” — John Holmes

Valentine’s Day is a special moment where everyone
can freely wear their hearts on their sleeves, as we can all feel the
romantic breeze of love hanging in the air. As for the employee
volunteers in GNPower Dinginin Ltd. Co. (GNPD), celebrating the season
of love had a more profound purpose.

In partnership with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), GNPD launched their
blood donation drive entitled “LoveFusion: Extend A Life This
Valentine’s Day” last February 13 as the focus for this month’s
leg of Project Saysay. Project Saysay is the company’s flagship
employee-led community outreach program where birthday celebrators can
choose a community or beneficiary to celebrate their special day with a
cause. This love month, they chose the patients from Bataan Kidney &
Dialysis Center (BKDC), who received a total of 67 blood bags from GNPD,
which can help extend their life.

Based on the data from BKDC, each patient typically requires 1 blood bag
per transfusion, summing up their total requirements to at least 4 bags
per week.

According to Pierre Manuel, a nurse at the Bataan Kidney & Dialysis
Center, they cater 30 to 40 patients every day, which undergo dialysis
twice or thrice a week. “’Yung mga dialysis patients, need na need
nila itong dugo na ito dahil madalas bumababa ang hemoglobin nila sa
dahil sa kidney problems nila,” he stated.

He also highlighted that it would help the families of their patients,
as it can relieve them of the expenses of blood transfusion. “Malaking
tulong ito hindi lang sa mga pasyente, kundi pati na rin sa mga pamilya
nila dahil mahal din ang pagbili ng dugo.”

All donations from GNPD employees will directly go to the patients,
which means they will no longer need to purchase blood bags from PRC. It
guarantees that each patient will have 1 blood bag reserved for them
once they need it, whether for maintenance or emergency cases wherein
the patient’s hemoglobin level drastically drops down.

After the blood donation drive, the employees visited the patients at
the center, where they had a chance to hear their stories and motivate
them to stay strong despite their current challenges.

Jaymark Ofrecio, one of the employee-volunteers, expressed that Project
Saysay is a great avenue that engages them with our community. “Sa
pamamagitan ng programang ito, naging instrumento kami upang mabigyan ng
pag-asa at lakas ng loob ang mga pasyente ng Bataan Kidney and Dialysis
Center. Sa mga dugo na ating naibahagi sa kanila ay kalakip nito ang
panibagong pag-asa na makakamtam pa nila ang lubos kagalingan at
kalakasan na kanilang idinadalangin,” he expressed.

Through these initiatives, we all get to see a redefined sense of love
– one that takes a deeper meaning and delivers a profound purpose –
to challenge the boundaries of our commitment to the community we serve
by extending the languages of love into something that will remain
ingrained for generations.

GNPD’s commitment to empowering progress in the community promotes a
diverse approach, which includes safeguarding quality health access
through its employee-led volunteer programs.

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