Here’s why mom communities are important for new mothers

Motherhood is definitely one of the hardest endeavors a woman can take in
her life — there’s no manual or guide that can properly prepare you for
raising children well. That’s why it’s important that mothers find the
support that they can truly rely on. This is the message that PLDT Home
gives moms in its new Mother’s Day video.

The video highlights the concept of “backstage moms,” or moms who support
other mothers as they navigate their responsibilities, challenges, and
learnings through motherhood.

The video opens in a studio set up, where Jaclyn, a mother, appears to
beperforming for her daughter Lottie. As if filming an actual show, Jaclyn
plays the ‘perfect, gentle, and calm’ mom while trying her best to keep her
head above water.

But motherhood isn’t a show or performance. The story shifts to Jaclyn who
then loses her ‘perfect image’ and goes backstage to release her real
emotions. That’s when her support system of fellow moms, including her own
mother, comes in to show their support saying,“It’s okay to ask for help. We
are here for you.”

Watch the video on YouTube here

The story ends with PLDT Home thoughtfully reminding moms that there will
always be a community ofparents – whether online or offline – thatthey can
always rely on no matter what. It’s a timely reminder that when parenthood
gets tough, it’s always okay to turn to people who can reassure and
empathize with them. With the right support and community, moms can get
through anything together.

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