HLURB to Xevera Mabalacat homeowners board: Collection of water service fees separate from HOA dues

The regional Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board has issued an order to stop unauthorized disconnection of water service among members of Xevera Mabalacat City Homeowners Association despite delinquent payment of monthly dues.

This, in response to a complaint letter by Gina Baclao, a resident of Xevera, Mabalacat City.

The order released on November 6, 2017 through its Regional Officer Atty. Roberto Mauro Miguel T. Palma Gil states, “We are ordering you to discontinue the said practice because collection of water service fee should be separate from the HOA fees and assessments that association membets are obliged to comply with. If a member fails to pay his/her HOA dues, the association’s by-laws provide the rules in declaring him/her delinquent. The rights and privileges of members, excluding the water services, are suspended upon declaration of delinquency by the Board of Directors.”

HLURB clarifies that involuntary disconnection of water services may only be done if the consumer fails to pay his/her water bills in a given period.

Xevera Mabalacat Homeowners Association is headed by its president Roland ‘Chook’ Santos.