Holcim confident in overcoming COVID-19 pandemic

Citing its strong health and safety culture and support from the LafargeHolcim Group, leading cement manufacturer Holcim Philippines, Inc. shared its optimism in overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic during its Annual Shareholders Meeting on Wednesday. 

Holcim Philippines Chairman Tomas Alcantara said along with a strong financial performance in 2019 the company also completed capacity expansion projects and efficiency improvements to industrial and logistics operations that strengthen sustainability of the business.

“We grew Operating EBITDA year-on-year by 36.7% to P6.7 billion on higher efficiencies and improved costs across all areas of the business These helped us grow our 2019 net income by 41.0% to P3.6 billion. This was the result of continuing improvement initiatives that make our performance sustainable and our Company more resilient and adaptable to market developments. These achievements motivate us to do even better. We are committed to make sure Holcim Philippines continues to be an even stronger partner for the country’s progress,” he added.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO John Stull acknowledged that while the current business environment has its challenges, the company is fully ready to face these.

“Our Health and Safety culture makes us confident in our ability to continue running our facilities safely as we embrace the new normal,” he said.

Stull said Holcim Philippines took quick and aggressive measures for personal hygiene, social distancing and health checks to keep people safe against COVID-19 in its facilities. The company also worked closely with its business partners and host communities to share best practices on health and safety and provide assistance.

He added that digital innovations enable the company to continue providing seamless service and engaging customers, while Holcim building solutions such as its one-day concrete SuperfastCrete can help partner builders meet project deadlines despite having fewer workers onsite.

Finally, Stull expressed the company’s commitment to continue being a partner in the country’s progress with support from the LafargeHolcim Group.

“Being a member of one of the world’s the leading building materials providers is a source of strength during these times. The Group has been supporting partners all over the world to recover better, with sustainability at the core of its efforts. Together with our partners, we too are determined to help move the country forward,” he said.

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