How has the coronavirus exposed stupidity?

Surprisingly for a pandemic that has now affected millions worldwide with the uncertainty of when a vaccine will be released, has caused both fear which it should, but sadly, also dumfounding stupidity.

America has proven just how many of its people are under extremely corrupted and twisted mindsets — whether caused by their ideology of supremacy, or just bizarreness.

Netizens have seen another laughingstock in the books as the Florida Anti-Maskers took a stand against wearing face masks — standing on the most baseless of arguments.

“I don’t wear a mask for the same reason I don’t wear underwear. Things gotta breathe,” claimed one of the anti-maskers.

Another protestor threatened to do a ‘citizen arrest’ against “every single human being that goes against the freedom of choice.”

She later on argued that people cannot be mandated to wear a mask knowing that “it literally kills people.”

Before the Florida Anti-Maskers, many people have also gone to the streets and held protests against lockdown measures, claiming that the lockdowns are an injustice against their right to get a haircut or massage among others.

Out of all the absurd claims, what baffled me the most is how a country like the United States which is now the leading carrier of the coronavirus, still has people with the audacity to call the mandating of face mask and lockdowns as a violation of human choice and freedom.

For a country whose very national anthem states that it is the land of the free, it sure has many people who do not understand the meaning of freedom and its difference from privilege.

It is beyond me to bring sense to these people because it is quite obvious what is going on. We are, as they commonly say, ‘literally’ in a world pandemic.

Face masks, social distancing, and lockdowns are all necessary to mitigate the spread of the virus. These unlike other arguments, are actually backed by real science and research. And while we are at the topic, face masks do not kill people. Need I explain more?

Lockdowns do not threaten anyone’s rights because they are simply there to prevent people from spreading and contacting the disease further. They are there to limit human movement and contact which is the cause of spreading and getting a highly contagious disease such as the coronavirus. They are there to ‘literally’ protect us from getting sick, and yes, that includes even the craziest of Karens.

Wearing face masks meanwhile, is simple. It takes less than a second to wear one, yet the way people fight against it seems as though they were being stripped down of all their basic human rights. Again, wearing face masks also does not threaten anyone’s rights. It is mandated to lessen the chances of spreading and contacting the disease — and yes again, that includes even the craziest of Karens.

Beyond the stupidity and the privilege, I think the biggest problem facing America today is its deviation from basic human decency.

The way some people fight with their lives against wearing face masks proves their lack of care for others. Wearing a face mask has now become the norm in showing basic respect.

Wearing a face mask and practicing other safety measures means you care enough to play the bare minimum in combatting the pandemic — let alone protect yourself from getting sick.

I do not even want to go in detail with scientific research about the importance of face masks and other safety measures because having suffered the pandemic for months now, these things should already be common knowledge. What is surprising is they are not for some people.

America has seen far better days. I actually preferred the days when people were hoarding toilet papers. At least then, they cared enough about the implications of the pandemic. Now it seems, some people would rather die fighting than to wear a face mask. It does not seem that the pandemic will be behind us anytime soon.

With all the protests against something as simple as wearing a face mask, and a leader who wants his people taking the most random of disinfectants without scientific data, there is no wondering why America leads in this world pandemic.

On the other side of the world, there are people being starved to death because of this pandemic, desperately fighting for their rights on the streets even as unlawful arrests are kept rampant. This is the meaning of fighting for one’s rights. This is what it means to suffer injustice and be stripped off your rights.

So long as there are people who do not understand the difference between freedom and privilege; and science and absurdity, then we can expect the United States continue being the world leader in carrying this pandemic. After all, is not America the world leader in everything? Let us continue to make America great again. To all the Karens of America, I felt the need to explain that I meant that sarcastically.

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