Impassioned plea

IT TOOK MANILA MAYOR Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso to exhort his fellow local chief executives and even honorable members of Congress in a television address to them recently.

He passionately pointed the need to make the supreme sacrifice of self-abnegation in favor of helping their respective constituents through foregoing their respective salaries and benefits.

He led the supreme sacrifice by donating his year”s salary for the purchase of essential goods for the needy. Lately, it was reported that several mayors, congressmen and senators volunteered their salaries in favor of donations to the needy. Even the President took the cue and took pains to forego his salaries.

Such is the convincing power of Mayor Isko Moreno, a gift he still wields up to the present as he manages the complicated affairs of the city government of Manila and the various sectors of the populace which include people coming from all directions-from as far as Aparri to the southernmost tip of the Philippines.

Manila”s population is composed of sigas from Tondo and Blumentritt to the cultured of Malate, a mixture of the destitute and the privileged classes. Mayor Isko has to contend with the different cultures and temperament.

There are several officials of the Duterte administration who loudly proclaim the existence of the new normal in our lives: social distancing, the perennial wearing of masks and the seclusion into our homes due to the threat of COVID 19.

For some, it is mini martial law where our movements are monitored and limited. Our freedom to move about has been constricted in the hope that the virus will not spread. Is this new normal beneficial to all of us?

Youngsters at a certain age bracket are monitored as well as seniors aged 60 upwards are not permitted to go out of their homes.

*    *    *Atty. Romulo Macalintal an outspoken crusader for senior citizens” rights, decried the limitations on seniors” movements saying it should not be so as there are seniors who are fit and physically able to work and be productive so they should be allowed to go out and go about their respective routines.

He even mentioned that most of the Cabinet members are septuagenarians like their boss, President Duterte. So, he argues, these should not also be allowed to go out of their homes and perform their duties following the rule not to allow seniors to go out of their homes. Say you?