Integrity of MCC building a ‘vindication’: Boking

MABALACAT CITY – Former Mabalacat City Mayor Marino “Boking” Morales said the earthquake last Monday had proven the structural soundness of the Mabalacat City College Building.

Morales said the MCC building endured the 6.1 magnitude tremor that claimed the lives of 16 people mostly in Porac town.

During his term, Morales had been accused of having allowed the construction of a sub-standard building (MCC). “We were accused that the school was being made from sub-standard materials and that it was not completed in the right manner. This was an insinuation that we were trying to save costs so that kickbacks can be realized. I denied it then and I denied it now,” said Morales.

“Upon inspection and examination of the facility, I am happy to report that the damage was mainly superficial and insignificant and did not present any safety issues. No one was exposed to any danger or manner. This is a total vindication for me. The MCC was able to withstand and receiving only minor damage in the face of a fairly strong quake is a testimony that my administration did not commit any shortcut or anomaly that will compromise the safety and well being of not only Mabalaquenos but to all who may be visiting the school,” said Morales.

“For this, I feel a sense of pride that the MCC is another fulfillment of my undying commitment to provide first class and nothing but the best service for the City of Mabalacat.”

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