Internet subscribers seek NTC protection vs Converge

ANGELES CITY – Clients who felt shortchanged by the alleged “poor service” of Converge ICT Solutions, an Internet Service Provider here are bent on filing a class suit against the firm at the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) in a bid to protect consumers.

“Next step will be to knock at the doors of NTC so we can clearly get subscriber protection in case of provider failures and lapses,” according to subscriber Eyds Patawaran Carreon in his Facebook account.

Carreon has also joined the public group ‘Unfair Internet Service Providers’ in an effort to find ways to resolve the slow Internet connections that had been plaguing not only Angeles City but the entire country.

Carreon’s criticism against the poor service of Converge ICT Solutions Inc, owned by Filipino-Chinese businessman Dennis Uy, had gained support from the already irate residents of Angeles City.

Carreon earlier said in his Facebook account: “I have been noticing that since the last month, bandwidth during the hours of 10 pm to 6 am is really really low. I am using my cellular data right now and to think that my already slow data plan is far more useful than your (ComClark/Converge) supposed 100 mbps Internet speed.”

“I will not tolerate this. I am paying my bills on time and I will not take any bullcrap of an excuse that you will tell me. FYI our house is just a few meters from your main line/connection so no ‘We are undergoing maintenance’ or ‘You might be far from our internet source’ crap will be accepted.”

Carreon has reportedly talked with Mr. Uy who called the former as the issue gains public indignation.
Uy reportedly offered solutions to the slow internet connection such as:
1. No More Lock-In Contracts – Subscribers can now unsubscribe from Converge without the worry of being charged with penalty provided that the modem will be returned in good condition.
2. All Backlog Cases/Complaints Shall Be Addressed in 36 Hours or Less – Subscribers are advised to log time and date of complaints.

Carreon said any unanswered complaints will be elevated to Uy. “If the complaint is not addressed then the case can be elevated to Mr. Uy himself,” according to Carreon.

Carreon said “all complaints sent to me as of this morning will be coordinated with their head engineer and will be dealt with as soon as possible (otherwise, tell me)

With these, we have a first step to achieving the goal of getting fair internet service.”

Converge has reportedly offered Carreon to “try and later on subscribe to the faster fiber connection.” But, Carreon reasoned out “that is clearly not a way to satisfy a costumer complaint.”

“What we want as paying subscribers is fair Internet service, consistent service, if fiber optic cables can assure that there will be a better more stable connection then by all means give it to all of your subscribers for free. Don’t charge your loyal subscribers with infrastructure improvements because that is your responsibility as a provider. You “provide” and not “offer” or “sell”. Kundi tatawagin nalang namin kayong Internet Service Seller.”

Carreon has earlier called on the NTC to “please investigate ComClark for their extremely slow Internet service.” “I need the help of IT guys who have more technical know how in this matter. Let us pool our expertise and make a class suit against this injustice to consumer rights. Calling NTC on this matter.”

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