It’s a Merry and Bright Christmas as The Hauslands launches 1st ever Christmas Décor Competition

You know it’s the Christmas season when homes come alive through lanterns and sparkling lights. When the whole place is at its most festive appearance, we can say that it’s officially Christmas!

For Kapampangans, Christmas is one of the most awaited seasons of the year because it’s a time when people come together as one family to celebrate the birth our Lord Jesus Christ.

In short, it’s time for festivities and community traditions that light up the season.

And to capture the moment that make this season more consequential and momentous, The Hauslands will light up its communities with vibrant light installations through its first ever “I am Home this Christmas: The Christmas Décor Competition”.

Crafting on a tradition to light up the communities every Christmas, The Hauslands finds new ways to elevate the experience by involving the homeowners on the launch of the first-ever Christmas décor competition with the theme “Merry and Bright Christmas”.

Mansfield Residences, Timog Residences, Mirus Residences and Nouveau Residences will be the participating communities for this year.

Alongside the revered Filipino Christmas traditions and family reunions, The Hauslands ensures that the Christmas celebrations will be inspiring and memorable.

Starting this year, The Hauslands encourages its homeowners to participate on this event and share collaborative ideas, efforts and endeavors, incorporating a healthy competition among communities.

The communities were lit on the night of December 1, 2018 and judged accordingly by a selected panel of judges. Grand and special prizes will be awarded to the merriest and brightest community.

The holiday spectacle will extend its Christmas cheer through their dazzling designs until January 6, when the winner will be announced.

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