Gubernatorial bet Jose Maria “Jomar” Hizon has vowed to bring better leadership at the Pampanga Capitol. While his political nemesis has all the money to burn, Jomar said he is giving the electorate the “freedom to choose” to change the political landscape in Pampanga province.

It is high time the people of Pampanga get what they deserve in terms of public services, according to Jomar. Although lacking in political machinery, Jomar has thrown his hat in the political derby like Don Quijote battling the windmill.

Jomar took on a formidable foe but nothing is impossible. According to Jomar, the people of Pampanga will be given the rare chance to choose a good leader that will work for the progress of the province. Without a political machinery and substantial funding, Roman Catholic priest Ed Panlilio became governor of Pampanga province beating Governor Lilia “Nanay” Pineda and actor Mark Lapid in the 2007 polls.

          “I am giving the people of Pampanga an alternative,” according to Jomar. “I don’t have a well-oiled machinery compared to Pineda but I’m banking on the people’s decision.” The people of Pampanga will decide and money will not be the deciding factor here.

Once elected, Jomar said he will push for the establishment of more dialysis centers for renal patients’ care in the province. The towns will be clustered and each cluster will have a dialysis machine. Those suffering from renal disease will benefit from these dialysis machines. “Eventually, I am hoping to provide dialysis machines in district hospitals,” said Jomar.

Jomar said the Kapampangans will get the best health care possible for free or at a minimal cost. “The Kapampangans do not deserve to be shortchanged on the issue of health services. We will provide free medicines to our kabalens.”

What about a political debate between Jomar and Vice Governor Dennis “Delta” Pineda? A debate between the two in a neutral venue will allow the voters to know their plans and programs for the province, and choose the better leader to run the province.

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