Justine de Viera-Lucky Coro and Boy Tattoo-Boy Hangin face-off in epic

Get front row seats to mixed martial arts’ exhilarating battle of
slaps in “URCC 89: Slap Fest” that is available to viewers on
iWantTFC pay-per-view on October 21 (Saturday) at 7 PM.

Headlining URCC’s (Universal Reality Combat Championship) epic event
that will test the resilience and powerful strikes of the fighters are
Justine de Viera versus Lucky Coro. Crowd favorites Boy Tattoo and Boy
Hangin, meanwhile, go head-to-head in the “Battle of Greatness” for
the first match that will take place at DD Nightclub.

Fans may already purchase their tickets for “URCC 89: Slap Fest” for
P149 by visiting iWantTFC Tickets. Viewers can also look forward to
more all-out and action-packed battles as URCC’s upcoming fights will
also stream on-demand soon on iWantTFC.

URCC is the pioneering mixed martial arts promotion in South East Asia.
URCC showcases a diverse range of fighters in various formats, one of
which is the Battle Slap, wherein fighters face-off in a unique slap
fest that tests their discipline and endurance.

Last year, the first ever bare knuckle fight in the Philippines for
“URCC 80: Bare Madness” also streamed on-demand on iWantTFC.

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