Keeping a Pet

Pets have always been a part of Filipino family. But did you know that keeping a pet doesn’t only give you a best friend and a company?. It also gives you these 5 health benefits:

Lowers Stress Level
Yes! People experience less stress when their pets are with them.

Lowers Blood Pressure
Believe it or not but studies reveal that people who have a pet has lower hypertensive ailment than those who don’t.

Monitors Blood Sugar of Diabetics
Since most of pet owners are less likely to be stressed, having a pet helps in preventing blood sugar increase!  

Improves Emotional Health
Friendly, homey pets help distress. Are you aware that there are medical centers that use pets for improving their patients’ mood and helping them overcome traumas!

Stroke Prevention

According to Dr. Becker of Mercola Healthy Pets, having a cat lessens a heart attack by 30 percent, and 40 percent less likely to have a cardiovascular incident like a stroke.

Now that’s all the more reason to love those puffy, cute and cuddling partner pets of yours!

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