Kinetica to make stronger presence in Asia

SINGAPORE- Kinetica, provider of the fastest GPU-accelerated database, today announced it will focus on broadening technology adoption in the Asia Pacific Japan region as part of its next phase of growth.

Organisations that will benefit from using Kinetica are enterprises that handle large volumes of data including banking, oil and gas, automotive, healthcare, telecom, airline, logistics and delivery, and retail and e-commerce companies.

The expansion follows Kinetica’s recent US$50 million Series A funding co-led by Canvas Ventures and Meritech Capital Partners, with the participation of new investor Citi Ventures and existing investor Ray Lane of GreatPoint Ventures and former President and COO at Oracle.

NVIDIA GPUs take traditional database operations and accelerate them by using thousands of small, efficient cores that are well suited to performing repeated similar instructions in parallel. This allows businesses to analyse high volume, unstructured, and moving data sets faster, using machine learning, BI analytics, and visualisation. Kinetica supports processing data 100 times faster than a legacy database, at a tenth of the cost associated to investing in hardware. It can be installed on premises or run in the cloud with Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Anticipating a huge demand for database analytics in the market, Kinetica announced the appointment of Joseph Lee as Vice President, Asia Pacific Japan, whose primary focus is to create visibility for the brand, accelerate Kinetica’s deployment in the region, drive customer success, and strengthen partnerships. Lee will propel business growth for Kinetica in Southeast Asia, Australia, Japan and Korea.

Lee brings with him 16 years of a successful track record in enterprise software sales leadership with advanced domain knowledge in telecommunications, financial services and retail/e-commerce. Lee joins Kinetica from Cloudera where he was the Senior Director of ASEAN and India, and was named Cloudera’s Global Sales Leader of the Year FY17, after building his team from scratch in only three years. Prior to Cloudera, he held sales director roles at Cisco and TIDAL Software.

“We are thrilled about the business prospects for Kinetica in the Asia Pacific Japan region and we see our foray into this market successfully contributing to our overall growth strategy,” said Amit Vij, CEO and Co-Founder at Kinetica. “With the tremendous rise in commercial activities in APJ across various sectors including banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, retail and ecommerce, enterprises are going to sharpen their focus on making intelligent decisions leveraging the data that resides within their business. We are confident that Joseph’s experience and track record in enterprise software and prior experience in both startup and multi-national companies will accelerate customers’ success in the region,” Vij added.

Research firm IDC’s Worldwide Semiannual Big Data and Analytics Spending Guide reported the Asia Pacific region as the third largest market for big data and analytics solutions with spending forecast to reach US$13.6 billion in 2017. As more companies and industries in Asia Pacific shift towards data-driven decision making, demand for highly efficient big data and analytics technologies will increase significantly. This presents a lucrative opportunity for Kinetica as Asia Pacific is expected to experience the fastest growth at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.4% by 2022 in big data and business analytics spending.

“Today’s deluge of data in the business requires transformation in data processing. Our broadly applicable GPU-accelerated database will power the future of analytical and AI applications. Enterprises who want to profit from rapid decisions using the totality of their data – from sensors in cars, behavior from customers, signals in banking systems, patterns from medical devices – should consider Kinetica,” said Joseph Lee, Vice President, Asia Pacific Japan, Kinetica.

“Our joint solution with Kinetica will provide businesses in the APJ region unmatched performance for accelerated analytics. Large enterprises can revolutionize their data-crunching tasks and in other areas, for instance, IoT data and analytics, businesses can analyse field-deployed devices such as autonomous cars, offshore oil rigs, cell towers, factories and heavy machinery,” said Raymond Teh, Vice President, Asia Pacific, NVIDIA.

Kinetica was initially developed for the US Army Intelligence and Security Command and the National Security Agency to track and capture terrorists in real time. The result was an enterprise-grade SQL database built from the ground up, powered by GPUs, that provides instant results and the ability to visualize insights across massive, streaming datasets. The product has since been deployed by the United States Postal Service, GlaxoSmithKline, PG&E, IronNet Cybersecurity and one of the world’s largest retailers.

The San Francisco-based Kinetica is the provider of the only GPU database to combine data warehouse, advanced analytics, visualizations, and is optimized for running machine learning and deep learning models.

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