Lapid Lechon Pugon: ‘Araw Araw Fiesta!’

Lapid Bakeshop is a family-owned bakeshop of the Lapid family in Guagua, Pampanga which has been in existence since 1924.

Founded by the family patriarch, Esteban G. Lapid, the bakeshop is now being managed by a third generation Lapid, in the person of Mario Francisco B. Lapid, its current president.

Like many old bakeries in the past, Lapid Bakeshop baked bread using the traditional brick oven, called “pugon.” Only until recently, did the bakeshop switch to the more modern gas oven.

Notwithstanding this shift to a more modern oven, Lapid Bakeshop has retained its traditional brick oven, not to bake its bread but to cook liempong lechon, a delicious and tender pork roast with its super crunchy rind. And because the brick oven is fired with wood, this delicious roast is enhanced with an irresistible smoked flavor. Because of this, locals have called this beloved brick oven “ Lapid Lechon Pugon” an oven (pugon) that cooks lechon. Compared to the traditional lechon, where the entire pig is skewered and roasted, the liempong lechon is much more affordable as it can be cooked in small quantities.

One does not need to buy a whole lechon to enjoy a taste of lechon. At Lapid Bakeshop, one needs only a kilo of liempo to readily enjoy lechon at the family table.

Lechon is a national delicacy that is served most of the time on special feasts and occasions. At Lapid Bakeshop, one can enjoy lechon even during ordinary days. This is why, the Lapid Lechon Pugon has adopted for its tagline the phrase: “ Sa Lapid Lechon Pugon, Araw-Araw Fiesta!”

Today, Lapid Bakeshop is now branding itself not just as a bakeshop serving breads and cakes. It now also includes “Pugon-Baked Foods” as part of its food offerings to the public. While Lapid Bakeshop has adapted and used modern technology in modernizing its baking processes, it still continues to hold on to traditional family recipes and processes that date way back to its founder, Esteban Lapid. The most evident of these traditions are the recipes of ensaymada and cheese rolls developed by Lola Femia, the grand old matriarch of the Lapid Family and wife of Esteban. Also included in these traditions is the wood-fired brick oven or pugon, whose structure and design was drafted by the bakeshop’s founder himself, Esteban and improved by his son, Francisco.

Today, this brick oven has now morphed into an oven that cooks only the most affordable and delectable lechon in the town of Guagua.

Indeed, sa Lapid Lechon Pugon, Araw-Araw Fiesta!

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