Macabebe Mayor Slams Caduang Tete Contractor for Slow Work

For failure to meet its 3rd deadline for the completion of the construction works for the Caduang Tete Bridge in Macabebe, Pampanga set on December 15, 2018, Macabebe Mayor Annette Balgan threatened the contractor to face total ban from DPWH Infrastructure projects.

“I will exhaust all means under my power to go to DPWH to cancel your license and your ultimate ban from public works contracts,” Balgan said during a coordination meeting with the LGU and the DPWH Pampanga 1st District Engineer and the contractor’s Project Manager.

Balgan said that the bridge opening delays has been the contractor’s lookout, asserting that it is no longer the fault of the implementing office. The mayor criticized the slow construction of the bridge which she said has already inconvenienced the residents of Macabebe and Masantol towns.

DPWH Regional Director Roseller A. Tolentino warned the contractor during his inspection on Monday, December 10 of the project in the heels of the numerous complaints from the residents and even advocacy groups and local organizations.

The implementation of the controversial bridge took off May 2018 originally targeted to be completed in September 2018. However, work stoppage was resorted to by the contractor on several occasions due to the series of severe weather disturbances that hit the region during the typhoon season. Be that as it may, the fabrication of girders continued. Work resumed after, with completion date moved by contractor to November 30, until they reset on December 15,2018.

The Mayor threatened to call for weekly rallies among her affected constituents if the project remains undelivered in January 2019 as committed by the contractor as she demanded for a 24/7 work schedule. She said she would personally monitor the project on a daily basis.#

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