Magnitude 6.1 quake shook Pampanga, left fatalities, scores hurt, damages

ANGELES CITY — Pandemonium broke loss in shopping malls across Pampanga as magnitude 6.1 temblor shook wide areas in Central Luzon leaving undetermined number of fatalities while scores hurt. Damages have been reported in some areas.

Over in Porac town, government rescue teams scrambles to save more than 100 people pinned inside the Chuzon Supermarket at Barangay Cangatba.

Police Lt. Colonel Cris Tiguelo, Porac police chief, said many of the shoppers and employees were buried alive when the roof the structure collapsed shortly after the strong earthquake.

“Marami naipit sa loob ng supermarket kaya double time ang pagtanggal ng mga debris para makuha at hopefully buhay ang mga tao,” said Tiguelo over the phone while directing his men to act quickly.

SM malls in Clark and Pampanga were immediately lock down at the height of tremor said Rain Cervamtes.

Power outage in wide areas in Pampanga have experienced foe a couple of hours. Power was restored in some areas.

Affected by the strong temblor are Zambales areas, Bataan, Pampanga, Bulacan a d as far as Laguna provinces and Metro Manila.

Local authorities reported that five persons including two children were among fatalities. Three bodies believed pinned to death from the rubbles of the building while the two children were pinned by a concrwtw fence also in Porac.

Retrieval operations are ongoing hoping to rescue more lives at Chuzon supermarket.

Police also reported significant damages on the bellfray of Porac parish church.

Clark International Airport terminal also incurred damages wjen portion of its celing collapsed due to atrong quake.

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