MakatiMed updates latest numbers for COVID-19 cases

Makati Medical Center (MakatiMed) updates the latest relevant numbers for COVID-19 cases the hospital is handling. 

According to the latest summary report, there are now 53 COVID-19 positive patients who have been either discharged or declared clinically improved. MakatiMed also has 51 COVID-19 positive patients who are currently admitted. COVID-19 deaths are at 16 as of the latest count.  

The hospital, headed by Medical Director and Interim Co-CEO Saturnino P. Javier, MD, has seen a total of 1,616 persons under investigation (PUIs) and persons under monitoring (PUMs) as of April 2, with 1,270 seen at the MakatiMed ER. Figures for COVID-19 testing are at 191 positives and 529 negatives. Currently, MakatiMed has 92 rooms occupied by COVID-19 positive patients and PUIs. 

The updated report covers the period from March 8, 2020, when MakatiMed had its first reported case of a COVID-19 positive patient listed as Department of Health (DOH) patient #7, to April 2, 2020.  

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