Malolos residents urged to become ‘partners for change’

MALOLOS CITY — Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Deputy Director-General Gregorio Angelo Villar encouraged the people of Malolos to become partners in communicating the change they want for the Philippines.

In his message during the 2nd ASEAN Multi-Sectoral Forum, he noted that not all Filipinos have an in-depth knowledge and understanding about ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations), emphasizing the value of communication and partnership in reflecting the impacts of ASEAN in their everyday life and achieving the envisioned change for the country.

“This year’s theme of ASEAN Summits and related meetings is Partnering for Change, Engaging the World, and we hope that through this engagement, we can engage you further and empower you so that you can build an informed citizenry for our region and our country,” he stressed.

He added the government needs the citizenry as its partner in helping to identify the services needed by every Filipino.

“Your PIA is here to be at service for the Filipino People. We promote parcipatory governance and conduct on-the-ground government initiatives that include multi-sectoral forums such as this to engage the community,” Villar explained.

Moreover, he reiterated that PIA aims to bring government closer to each people so that each Filipino will have capability to contribute in nation-building with the goal and vision of building informed citizenry by communicating timely, accurate, and relevant information.

“But we cannot do it alone. Let us continue to work for the betterment and empowerment of our communities in building a well-informed and well-empowered citizenry. May you become catalyst for change and information in our country,” he furthered.

The Multi-Sectoral Forum also featured an Information and Service Caravan where citizens got immediate support, consultation and free items from participating government agencies.

Aside from forums, PIA has been staging Campus Tours in colleges and universities, and information kiosks in public areas all over Central Luzon.

“We are doing this campaign, not only because we chair this year’s ASEAN, but also because we want to raise public awareness about ASEAN. We want the people to know the fullness of ASEAN,” PIA Regional Director William Beltran said. –Trixie Joy B. Manalili

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