Marina Arcade tenants oppose rent increase

Mabalacat City — Indignant stall operators at the Marina Arcade in the business district of Barangay Dau have expressed opposition to the monthly rental increase that will take effect October 1.

Memorandum signed September 15 by its general manager Atty. Anna Katherine Morales – Sabile stated: “We ask for your understanding since Marica Arcade already has the lowest rent in relation to other shopping areas and establishment around the area even if such increase is implemented.”

Standardized monthly fees are as follows: A stalls – minimum of P10,000, if paying more than this 5% increase: B stalls – minimum of P7,000; C stalls – P5,000; D stalls – P4,000; E stalls – P3,000 and an additional 5% for stalls occupying the second level.

Said Marina Arcade tenants: “It has been very challenging doing business in the pandemic. It is our sincere prayer to defer this.”

They added some occupants in Dau Supermarket, Dau Plaza, Nepo Mall and talipapa area were given at least 50% discount on monthly fees.

A total of 37 tenants have signed the appeal to reconsider this decision.

Marina Arcade, owned by the Moraleses, was one of the first commercial spaces in Dau, Mabalacat to sell post exhange (PX) goods.