Mariveles cops dispose alcoholic drinks seized during liquor ban

MARIVELES, Bataan — Mariveles Municipal Police Station (MPS) disposed today bottles of alcoholic or intoxicating beverages seized during the ongoing implementation of the liquor ban.

Mariveles MPS Chief of Police PLtCol. Roland Almirol said the activity should serve as a warning to establishment owners and residents that law violators would be apprehended and appropriate measures would take place accordingly.  

“More or less these are all amounting to PhP30,000, which is composed of assorted kinds of liquors including local and imported brands,” Amlirol disclosed as he presented the confiscated items to Mayor Jocelyn Castañeda.

Moreover, police authorities recently confiscated two fruit game machines during an illegal operation and were also destroyed during the activity.

For her part, Castañeda commended the initiative of the police station and reminded anew store owners or managers that selling or distribution of liquors in the town is still prohibited.

“I have already recommended to Almirol that the moment they have confiscated these liquors, they should dispose it so it would serve as a lesson to residents that we are serious on implementing all our executive orders and ordinances here in Mariveles,” Castañeda said.

The local chief executive revealed that aside from the disposal of the alcoholic beverages, stores proven to be selling liquors may result to closure of the violating establishment.

“Our liquor ban ordinance is still in effect as of today. Even though other towns have lifted their ordinance on liquor ban, ours is still being implemented,” she clarified.

Castañeda warned that constituents who bought intoxicating drinks from other towns would also be apprehended if they consume it in public places or outside of their respective residence.

She also cited the positive effect of the said ordinance such as the decrease of crime rate including reported physical injury recorded in Mariveles.

In Bataan, the municipal governments of Limay, Hermosa, and Samal have lifted their ban in their respective areas on liquor sale and distribution given that consumption will be done inside the households.