Mayor EdPam bares plans for city, region for 2017

Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan announced on Monday his plans for the highly urbanized city, and for the region being the newly appointed Chairperson of the Regional Development Council of Central Luzon (RDC-III).

Despite his busy schedule, he has given great importance on the progress of the city’s priority projects including the full implementation of the public cemetery and the Pampang public market, and the improvement of the San Nicolas market and its surroundings.

Pamintuan also highlighted the refurbishment of the Heritage District and the increase of the numbers of scholars in the City College of Angeles.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) approved the 2017 high-impact infrastructure development plans for Angeles City, these are: (1) Abacan Development Corridor, (2) East Circumferential Road, (3) an interchange and a flyover near MarQuee Mall connecting to McArthur Highway, (4) Cuayan Bridge.

On the other hand, the mayor further added that infrastructure development will be the main thrust of his administration as mayor and head of RDC-III.

“Equal distribution of projects will be my focus as the new RDC chairperson. It is about time to extend more of the government resources for the growth and development of other towns and provinces,” said Mayor Pamintuan.

In unison to the president’s vision, Pamintuan is adamant in achieving his priority projects.

“We have to build more, for it is among the solutions to the piling problems in country. If we build more roads, buildings, and bridges, we can ease the traffic, reduce unemployment and increase tourist count that will be beneficial in our economic setting,” he added.

As the RDC-III chairman, Pamintuan encouraged the hands-on approach of the Provincial Governors and their City mayors in implementing all the projects lined up in their respective locality.

Not a ‘newbie’: The multi-tasking EdPam

Aside from his appointment as the new chairperson of the RDC-III, Angeles City Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan is currently the President of the League of Cities of the Philippines, and the Presidential Adviser and member of the panel for the ongoing peace process between the government and the CPP-NPA-NDF.

“It is very seldom that a mayor from a small city would take over such a big role as an RDC chairperson. Most of the time, provincial governors are chosen to head the agency,” said Pamintuan.

“This is not new to us for we have taken different roles in the local and national governance during the stint of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo,” Pamintuan added.

Mayor Pamintuan was appointed as the Presidential Adviser for External Affairs from 2004-2010. Back in 2006, he was selected as the development champion of the Arroyo administration for heading major road infrastructure development projects.

Among these notable projects are the North Luzon Expressway (NLEx), South Luzon Expressway (SLEx), the Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEx), the Cavite Expressway (CavitEx) and essential infrastructures that will make these express roads connect to each other.

Pamintuan stood firm on his statement that even if he is busy, he is up to the task in delivering what is best for the city and its people. He also said that he is “willing to extend his help to other provinces and support them in accomplishing their goals.”

Having these roles on his plate, Pamintuan still vows to accomplish and fulfill his promises to his constituents in the city anchored in his 8-point agenda, the Contract with the Angeleños (CWA).

“This is a clear manifestation of the trust that our President Rodrigo Duterte is giving to us. This also reminded me that we are successful in raising the bars of local governance high enough to bring the much awaited change in our country,” said Pamintuan.

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