Mazas bring Filipino culture in their art

HOUSTON, Texas – Dabbed in brilliant hues, the canvasses of Lorna and Cyril Maza evoke rural scenes back home.

This is evident in the artworks such as ‘Mabuhay Philippines,’ ‘Harvest Time,’ Pilipinas,’ ‘Picnic with Farmers and Playing Melodies Under the Shade of Trees’ and so on. The inspiration for the paintings is distinctly Filipiniana.

Lorna and Cyril are self-taught artists having no formal training in art classes back in the Philippines. They took to art like the proverbial duck to water.

Lorna finished her Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Banking and Finance at the Saint Louis College in Baguio City, home to famous artists such as BenCab.
Cyril, an engineer by profession, did his first painting in 2008 and the rest is history.

The husband and wife team are now based in Houston, Texas but memories back home are vividly emblazoned in the canvasses of the Mazas. — Jonard Aquino

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