Meet Charlie, the all-around online travel assistant of Cebu Pacific

Last-minute arrangements for flights, or an urgent concern regarding travel plans can become a worry for travelers. Often, airline passengers want immediate answers to give them some peace of mind or assurance with regards to their flights. And as more people fly, the demand for fast and convenient customer service will increase. Airlines are turning to technology to give them the ability to instantly respond to passengers’ queries, or lead them to the right steps to take to address their concerns.

Meet Charlie: the chatbot of leading Philippine carrier Cebu Pacific. Introduced in January 2019, Charlie was taught to respond to a multitude of customer concerns. Imbued with a positive personality, he is always eager to lend a helping hand to travelers flying with Cebu Pacific.

3D Charlie

“We’ve always talked about being an enabler of fun and accessible travels, and as part of our thrust to enhance customer experience with the airline, we created Charlie,” said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience at Cebu Pacific, “As we officially launch our chatbot, we hope to offer convenience and helpful information within our travelers’ fingertips.”

Charlie can assist both first-time and seasoned travelers on the entirety of their travel journey. Just message him via the Cebu Pacific website, or through the carrier’s official Facebook page, and he can assist in checking in for flights, and even provide the itinerary or boarding passes.

Charlie is also knowledgeable with Cebu Pacific promos, so seat sale hunters and jetsetters can simply ask him any question they may have regarding this.

More than that, Charlie is online 24/7 to provide answers to frequently asked questions about booking and requirements needed before the flight. Charlie may also lead you to relevant information about other offerings such as premium seat selections, inflight meals, and baggage allowance.

Chatting with Charlie is as simple as chatting with a friend. You can type in your query in English one at a time; or you can choose from a variety of suggested topic options when you open the chat box.

Since Charlie was launched early this year, the chatbot has engaged with over 393,000 Cebu Pacific passengers. Charlie was able to address majority of their concerns and queries—garnering positive feedback from passengers.

“Charlie still has a long way to go in terms of learning – just like any chatbot. Rest assured, we are continuously working on expanding Charlie’s knowledge in order to provide our passengers with the best customer experience possible,” added Iyog.

Say “Hi!” to Charlie via the official Cebu Pacific Facebook page or website,

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