Migratory birds find new sanctuary in Victoria, Tarlac

The annual pilgrimage of migratory birds to Victoria town, Tarlac has reportedly attracted tourists in the area for the annual bird-watching activity.

Meeting with members of the Capampangan in Media Incorporation (CAMI) on Friday, Tarlac Governor Susan Yap said tourists, including foreigners, now frequently visit Canarem Lake in Barangay Canarem, Victoria, for bird-watching.

“We are happy about this development especially because foreign tourists joined the Filipinos for the bird-watching,” said Yap.

She said the local economy benefits from the bird-watching activity.

But Yap said she wants “responsible tourists” to visit their province amid the pandemic. She said they discouraged over-crowding in Canarem Lake.

Earlier, Victoria Mayor Christian Yap said they have passed measures and ordinances to protect the migratory birds and their sanctuary at the lake. He advised tourists to coordinate with the municipal

government before heading to the venue for the bird-watching.

Gov. Yap said they are facing a problem because some of the areas for the bird-watching are now owned by private individuals.

‘We are now in the process of buying back the lands,” she added.

Gov. Yap said she had asked the owners of the lands not to disrupt the natural habitats in Canarem so that the migratory birds will continue to visit the lake during the winter season in other countries,

including China.

“So far they are cooperating,” she added.

Yap said the migratory birds in Canarem were the ones which originally frequented Candaba swamps in Pampanga. But developments in the swamps reportedly stopped the birds from visiting it. 

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