Motherhood: The Warm and Safe Embrace of becoming a Mother

It’s amazing how our body works. For a woman, physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy insures the growth and development not just of the baby but of the mother as well. Other than physique, emotional changes of being pregnant and, then, labor, birth, and breastfeeding play vital roles in guiding a woman on the journey of becoming a mother.

Motherhood is the experience of having & giving birth and raising a child. Every woman has the basic right to health especially during pregnancy and childbirth.

It is a sad reality that every minute of every day, somewhere in the world and most often in developing countries, a woman dies from a complication related to pregnancy or childbirth. Pregnancy complications are among the leading causes of death and disability for women of reproductive age in developing countries.

Thus it is very important that every pregnant woman should receive antenatal care or go have prenatal visits to a safe and reputable health care institution which significantly has a complete facility that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help ensure women of all ages with different obstetrical/gynecological conditions get prompt assistance and thorough examination.

Safe Motherhood is one component of Reproductive Health. It’s defined as a means of ensuring that all women receive the care they need to be safe and healthy throughout pregnancy and childbirth. In order to attain optimal health for the mother, fetus and infant during pregnancy, she should have access on receiving high quality gynecological, family planning, prenatal, safe delivery, and post-partum care.

Technical competence of the healthcare provider play a critical role in the intervention for safe motherhood. Because there is no reliable way to predict which woman will have the access to high quality obstetrical care throughout their pregnancy and especially during and immediately after childbirth when most emergency complications arise, better choose a hospital that can and will contribute a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth.

One of the healthcare institutions that gives optimum and safe antenatal care, child Delivery and postnatal care is The Medical City Clark (TMC Clark) and TMC Clark’s Delivery suite. TMC Clark’s Delivery Suite – with its complex environment in health care – serves as a vital and essential facility in helping fulfill the ultimate goal of restoring the patient to her full physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social well-being.

Visits from TMC Clark’s OB-Gyne Doctors and Delivery Suite can ensure a patient to learn what a pregnant woman needs in terms of the best food for her, what to avoid, and the necessary information like the need for supplementation and possible risk of the pregnancy by undergoing laboratory tests. Also the importance or benefits of exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months and its expectations.

Accomplishing the tasks of pregnancy is the foundation for becoming a mother. It is probably also the foundation for being willing to experience normal labor and childbirth; the next important step in nature’s exquisite plan for the continuing journey of becoming a mother with assistance of a respectable, secure, and safe healthcare institution which The Medical City Clark is known to be.

For inquiries on Prenatal Check-ups, Childbirth, and Postpartum appointment assistance, please call 045-300-8888 or 09164488046.

Dr. Doreen D. Tongol
On her early years, she took her internship at the University of Santo Thomas. She was also a UST Faculty of Medicine and Surgery in 1997.  She then took her residency training in TMC Ortigas in 2005. Her fellowship training in Ultrasound of Obstetics and gynecology also at TMC. Dr. Tongol is a member of the Pharmacy and Therapeutic committee, a diplomate of the Philippine obstretrics and Gynecology society and a fellow of the Philippine Society of Ultrasound in OB & Gyne. Dr. Doreen Tongol is a regular Consultant and the Chairperson of the Department Obstetrician and Gynecology of The Medical City Clark. Her clinic schedule is every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10am  – 12nn at room 0211.

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