Moving up, moving on

It’s that time of year when students move up and move on with their lives, with the thought that somewhere out there, they will find their place in the world.

Or find that elusive pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It’s okay to be ambitious. It says a lot about how you grew up with the people around you. The events in our lives usually prompt us to be either overtly determined or visibly lethargic. But it’s actually our choice, and our choice alone – whatever kind of environment we thrive in.

Some students need a lot of motivation in order to flourish. They have been accustomed to being spoon-fed all their lives that when they find themselves on their own, they tend to become confused creatures. Who needs confused creatures in the wild? They would be easy prey for jackals out there.

Moving up means standing tall and standing proud of what they have achieved. It means they’re capable of standing on their own. It means they have acquired the knowledge over the years to be competitive individuals. It means that they have surpassed every challenge that their school – and life in general – has hurled at them.

It’s supposed to mean that they’re ready.

Life is not a bed of roses – or so we have been told. Sometimes, we become the butt of jokes, and the end result is not a pretty sight. When we don’t take the challenge and just accept defeat, we choose to wallow in self pity. Some drown in it, and find it difficult to come back to the surface.

Facing up to one’s fears is victory in itself already, but there are bound to be trials – that’s a given. In school and in life, there are various scenarios students confront, day in and day out. But they survive, don’t they? They manage to live and tell the tale.

And then, they do it all over again.

It’s not easy for parents to see their children struggling in school, and later on, in life. As much as possible, they would want to see their kids push through to the finish line when it comes to their education, and eventually move up the corporate ladder as far as their career is concerned.

It’s all about moving up, and moving ahead of the competition – and eventually, moving on to bigger and brighter things. ###

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