Music Inspired by Nature and the Avant Garde

SUNLAG (Kapampangan: to give light, to spread brightness, to shine.)

The Sunlag Ensemble, based in Angeles City, Pampanga, aims to create a music which veers away from Filipino Mainstream Music including Rock, Folk, Jazz, Pop with Ethnic Hybrids. The ensemble performs on self-made instruments based on traditional native instruments of the Philippines and Southeast Asia. The music played by SUNLAG is inspired by Nature, Asian Traditional Music and the European Avant Garde in its textures, colours and compositional processes, inviting the listener to temporarily leave their well-travelled musical paths and explore new musical ones which results into an expanded consciousness and experience. Future projects will include collaborations with other creative disciplines like Literature, Theatre, Dance and Film.

A lecture was conducted last Sept 25, 2017 about Traditional Music and Modern Composition in Asia and then join in Round-table discussion about “Defining the “Asian style” in new music”, “Traditional performers as composers” and “The question of appropriation” Speakers: Sam Ang Sam (Cambodia) Conrado del Rosario (Philippines) Anant Narkkong (Thailand) at the UP College of Music-Diliman in the first day of the Maceda Centennial International Symposium. Then ConradoTitus Del Rosario conducted our Angeles based SUNLAG Ensemble in a performance at the Philippine International Convention Center PICC last September 26, 2017 at 10 am during the Jose Maceda Centenial International Symposium.

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