Music Psychology Center (MPC) – Pioneer in Angeles City, Philippines

“It has been a hard path to build up literature about the effects of music to individuals especially here in Angeles City, but fortunately I was blessed with a lot of recognition with my research that made me want to strive harder in order to illuminate the holistic impending beneficial effects of music to individuals” –  Prof. Jose Maria G. Pelayo III, MASD, MusPsy

Finally, after 10 years of research and experiments, the 1st Music Psychology Center (MPC) was established December 2019 located in Angeles City, Philippines 2009. The Center caters to individuals who suffer from mental illness specifically depression.

Music Psychology is not the same with Music Therapy- in Music Psychology we utilize the appropriate and efficient genre of music for neuroplasticity. There are various methods and approaches to Music Psychology and Neuroscientists have collaborated with empirical research on the effects of certain types of music in their brain.

“Once you realize that music transcends entertainment that is the only time you could fathom the accurate utilization of certain types of music to specific mental or cognitive functioning and enhancement” – Prof. Jose Maria G. Pelayo III, MASD, MusPsy

It has been used for everything from pain relief to helping cancer patients, and a 2017 Cochrane review of the evidence suggested that it had at least short-term benefits for patients with depression. Though there is no “most common” type of music used in music therapy, the programs can often include instruments like guitars and drums. In the future, maybe there will be a greater focus on sorrowful songs.

“The objective of Music Therapy and Music Psychotherapy is to create neural changes in the brain that stimulates improvement of psychological and behavioral functions of individuals diagnosed with the wide array of mental health problems.” – Prof. Jose Maria G. Pelayo III, MASD, MusPsy



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