Nadine is Metro’s latest cover star

Fierce, free, and forward. Nadine Lustre showcases her transformation after an almost three-year hiatus in music in her latest Metro cover.

The singer-actress dished about the things she is currently passionate about, her new YouTube channel, and her life in Siargao in the exclusive Metro.Style cover story titled “Nadine Lustre is Living By Her Own Rules.”

“When I started living in Siargao, that’s when I discovered a slower life. Kasi here in Manila, parang lagari. Even if I’m not working, I think it’s just the energy of the workplace,” disclosed Nadine about her big move to the country’s surfing capital, a move that changed her perspective on life.

Dubbed as the new “Horror Queen” of Philippine cinema, Nadine also revealed to Metro that horror is actually her cup of tea.

“Ever since I was young, even though I was always scared of ghosts, horror has always been my favorite genre,” she said.

The versatile talent who just introduced her latest single “Overgrown” likewise talked about her YouTube channel that she launched early this year. “What I wanted to do with it is to kind of let people into my life a bit more.”

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