NCC to promote safe, convenient lifestyle

CLARK FREEPORT— With the creation of 525 unit housing facility, New Clark City (NCC) is envisioned to promote a safe and convenient lifestyle for people especially for employees of government offices who will soon be in the area.

This, as the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) and its partner MTD Philippines cited the current development at the National Government Administrative Center (NGAC) which will house back-up offices for various government agencies in NCC.

In the recent topping off ceremony of ‘The Residences’, MTD Philippines President Nikko David said that they want to offer and feature a different lifestyle for people who will be in NCC.

“As you can see, we have The Residences which we will top off in a short while and the government offices is just few steps away. So what we want to achieve here is to have a different lifestyle. Wherein we can just walk to work not to spend hours on the road. and have a good lifestyle with the back of residences and a sport facility,” he said.

BCDA recently reported that there will be an estimated 1.02 million residents who are expected to populate New Clark City and 582,000 of these will belong to the city’s workforce.

Emphasizing the safety feature of NCC, David also mentioned that NCC will have a strong resistance to flood which makes it a resilient city.

“We have drainages for a thousand-year flood here in the New Clark City so there will be no cases of flooding. Manila will be deep in water before any water would rise up in the New Clark City,” he added.

Other world class facilities which will soon be experienced inside NCC include the Aquatic Center, Athletics Stadium, Athlete’s Village and the River Park.

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