NCCC’s ‘Dome’ designated as COVID center

DAVAO CITY – Local retail chain New City Commercial Corporation (NCCC) has turned over “The Dome” to the city government here as an additional reserved patient care center for coronavirus disease (Covid-19), the store management said in a statement Wednesday.

Sharlene Faye Lim, NCCC Malls president, said the facility has a total net area of 1,250 square meters which can accommodate up to 78 persons.

The 78-bed capacity will add to the target of 1,000 beds to prepare for a possible influx of cases.

“The Dome will be used as an additional holding area for Covid-19 patients in the event the city needs it,” Lim said.

Located beside NCCC Mall Victoria Plaza, Lim assured the facility has met all the safety standards to ensure the well-being of its shoppers.

“The mall and its perimeter are sanitized before and after operating hours. Also, the facility area including designated parking spaces is fenced,” Lim added.

She said the Department of Health (DOH) will provide doctors, nurses, and the overall system in handling the operation while the local government will provide all non-medical personnel, food and supplies, utilities, security, and police.

A designated director will handle the management of the facility.

Lim said the use of “The Dome” is NCCC’s contribution to the city to manage the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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