Onion storage facility to rise in Hermosa

A groundbreaking ceremony was held in Mabiga, Hermosa, Bataan to mark the beginning of the construction of the first-ever onion storage facility in the town and in the entire province of Bataan, Friday morning.

The event was led by Mayor Jopet Inton and witnessed by other local officials. The facility is capable of storing up to 20,000 bags of onions, ensuring that farmers do not have to sell their produce at lower prices due to the lack of storage options. With the facility in place, Mayor Inton said, the town can also expect a steady supply of onions at the right price.

The New Hermosa Farmers Association, led by Chairman Godofredo Felife and supported by various government agencies such as the Municipal Agriculturist Vincent Mangulabnanq, and the Bureau of Plant Industry, played a crucial role in making this project a reality.

Local farmers said his groundbreaking initiative is a testament to the power of collaboration and highlights the important role that local governments, farmers, and government agencies can play in supporting agriculture and food security.

“The establishment of this onion storage facility will have a significant impact on the livelihoods of local farmers. With the support of the Department of Agriculture and other government agencies, farmers can expect higher earnings and greater economic stability. This will also reduce the need for farmers to travel to Pangasinan and Nueva Ecija to store their produce, saving them time and money,” Mayor Inton told this reporter.

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