Ordinance sought to institutionalize ‘Sinukwan Festival’

Sonia P. Soto, Hermana Mayor of the Sinukwan Festival 2023 and President & General Manager of CLTV36, has submitted a proposal to the Foundation for Lingap Kapampangan, Inc. (FLKI) Board, seeking the official recognition of “Sinukwan Festival”as an annual event.

Soto said the Provincial Government should permanently establish “Sinukwan Festival” through a provincial ordinance, ensuring the event’s continuity and to foster stronger collaboration between the public and private sectors in promoting Kapampangan culture.

Soto’s proposal underscores the significance of securing formal acknowledgment from the Provincial Government to solidify the Sinukwan Festival’s place within Pampanga’s cultural calendar. This step aims to guarantee the festival’s sustained success while enhancing partnerships that will promote and preserve the rich cultural heritage of the Kapampangan people.

With a vision of inclusivity and unity, Soto said the proposal emphasized the crucial role of collaborative efforts between public and private entities in elevating the Sinukwan Festival to greater heights. Formal recognition through a provincial ordinance would not only signify a deep commitment to cultural preservation but also establish a foundation for continued growth and promotion of Pampanga’s vibrant traditions.

This proposal came after the recently concluded Sinukwan Festival 2023 held from November 30, 2023 to December 8, 2023.

Soto said the Sinukwan Festival has emerged as a cultural beacon as the private and public sectors engaged in the week-long festivities.

Building from the foundation laid by predecessors in the last 25 years, the Sinukwan Festival showcased unparalleled breadth and depth of activities, from vibrant parades to immersive cultural exhibits, the festival’s multifaceted approach resonated with locals and visitors alike.

The FLKI’s resolution will seek the support of Governor Dennis Pineda and the Sangguniang Panlalawigan toward the formal recognition of the Sinukwan Festival as an annual cultural event. Soto and the FLKI Board are ready to offer their full support and knowledge to facilitate this pivotal process, contributing to the enduring legacy of Kapampangan culture.

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