P121M worth of smuggled cigarretes intercepted in Subic

The Bureau of Customs Port of Subic intercepted some P121 million worth of smuggled cigarettes. 

According to BoC, a 4×40 container arrived at the Port of Subic last August 22, 2020 from China and Hong Kong. The said shipment which was supposed to bring Frozen Cinnamon Bread, Frozen Pineapple Pocket Bread, Snake and Ladder Board Games, Dominos Board Games and Rubber Strips had been found to contain various cigarette brands.

According to District Collector Maritess Martin, this latest apprehension at the Port of Subic was the result of the continuous intelligence work.

“Also, adopting and catching up to the modus operandi of unscrupulous stakeholders played a big role in this apprehension for this is the first time that the BOC has seized cigarettes concealed in a refrigerated container van,” Martin explained.

The Customs Examiner is still checking if there are other items concealed in the said shipment. The Port will be issuing Warrants of Seizure and Detention on the illegal shipment and recommend to the Bureau’s Action Team Against Smugglers (BATAS) the filing of appropriate criminal charges against the smugglers. “This serves as a warning and reminder to all that BOC will not let up in its effort to protect the border,” said Martin.

Meanwhile, the Port of Subic said during the period August 1-27, 2020, it collected revenues amounting to P2,594,586.530 up 22.12% or P453.4 million from its P2,051,000 target. Proceeds generated from the auction sale and the remaining three working days left to collect will give the Port additional revenues.

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