Pelayo did not ‘abandon’ Jomar

“Mebigla ku ketang article.”

This was the reaction of former Candaba Mayor Jerry Pelayo regarding the story that he “abandoned” the camp of gubernatorial candidate Jomar Hizon as the latter’s campaign manager.

“Makananu ke in-abandon (How did I abandon him)? I’m not his campaign manager in the first place,” the former president of the Pampanga Mayors’ League told iOrbit News.

Pelayo said he is not even aware of Hizon’s system of campaign, and never attended any of his sorties.

“They used the wrong word. Eku mag-abandon (I am not one to abandon),” Pelayo said.

According to Pelayo, he does not want the word “abandon” to reflect on him, as he never abandons anyone. He cited the downfall of former President now 2nd District Rep. and House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and the loss of Gov. Lilia Pineda then to former Gov. Eddie Panlilio. “I never abandoned GMA and Nanay during those times,” he said.

Pelayo said now that he is no longer a politician, he has the right to choose who to vote for governor.

“I am looking for a governor who can revive the Ibon-Ebon Festival and who has programs against proper waste management. He should have programs against perennial flooding, and who can support farmers, with Pampanga being an agricultural province,” he said.

Pelayo said that it’s a good sign that Gov. Pineda has a program to create a transfer station for waste, but said he has not decided yet who to vote for.

He also said that the province’s future officials should abide by the Provincial Development Plan to avoid duplication of projects.

“Dapat sundan ang Provincial Development Plan para ang pera ng congressman, yung pera ng mayor at ng governor, magamit sa kanya-kanyang programa,” he added.

Pelayo also scored a particular quote in the story, supposedly by Board Member Rosve Henson, saying, “Malinaw na inabandonda na niya yung kandidato niya. This is a is a very much welcome development. Natauhan na si ex-mayor Jerry sa pangangailangan sa tunay na lider gaya ni Delta.”

“Hindi ko gusto yung word na ‘natauhan’. Gaya ng sinabi ko, I have no decision yet,” he said.

Pelayo was reacting to the story that he denied working as campaign manager of Hizon. He reportedly issued a clarification at a press forum of the Capampangan In Media last week.

“I did not make such a statement. You should be asking Rosve (Henson) who his source is,” he said.

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