PEO employee is PDEA high value target

CAMP OLIVAS, Pampanga – A lead man detailed at the Pampanga Provincial Engineering Office (PEO) who was the alleged target in police buy bust operations at Barangay Sta. Ines, Bacolor town on April 26, is among the ‘Level 1’ high value personalities involved in illegal drugs trade, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency bared Wednesday.

“Wilfredo Galura is among those personalities listed as high value targets operating in Bacolor and nearby towns in Pampanga,”PDEA Central Luzon director Juvenal Azurin told reporters during press conference held in this regional police headquarters.

Galura, who claimed he was a victim of set-up as the pieces of evidence found during the buy bust operations were all planted, went into hiding after the April 26 drug sting. He surfaced for an interview with Manila-based television where he lambasted Pampanga local drug enforcement unit and PDEA over “Tanim Droga modus.

Galura, according to some employees of the Provincial Engineering Office (PEO), filed his leave of absence shortly after the April 26 raid at his residence. His vacation will be good for a month only.

Azurin and Senior Supt. Joel Consulta, director of the Pampanga Provincial Police Office, said they have yet to file criminal case against Galura.

Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino, director of Police Regional Office 3 (PRO3), denied Galura’s claim saying the police and PDEA have secured evidence that will pin him down.

“The Uzi sub-machine pistol found at the place of buy bust was sold to Galura by a businessman Albert Lacanilao,” said Aquino while flashing the deed of sale of the gun.

Galura was in the the company of several other suspected illegal drugs trafficker at a canteen in Bgy. Sta. Ines, apparently waiting for drug courier, when PDEA and lawmen launched a buy bust.

Aquino said Galura and a certain “Balweg” eluded arrest while three of their companions yielded to authorities. They were Francisco Manabat, Chief Tanod, Willie Marin and Cesar Sta. Cruz, all residents in said place.

“It was a legitimate operations, no tanim-droga or whatsoever took place during the buy bust,” said Azurin said contrary to Galura’s allegation.

Be as it may, Aquino said he ordered the relieved of several personnel involved in the buybust including the Chief of Police f Bacolor town Supt. Sonia Alvarez while the incident is under investigation. He vowed to reinstate them once they are cleared when the probe is completed.