Philippine Internet of Everything Consortium, Inc. holds 3rd founding members’ meeting

The Philippine Internet of Everything Consortium, Inc. (PIOEC, Inc.), the first non-profit organization in the Philippines that collaborates with industry leaders to help transform businesses through the Internet of Things, recently held its third founding members’ meeting at the Manila Peninsula to align their efforts in spreading awareness on the value of the Internet of Things (IoT) to people’s lives, work and play.

Created in 2014, the PIOEC aims to provide an avenue for individuals and organizations where they can access resource materials to acquire new skills, build a network of professionals, enthusiasts, educators and members of the public sector who exchange ideas relevant to today’s needs, and collaborate with industry professionals to establish successful business relationships.

According to Chet Alviz, Executive Director of the PIOEC, Inc., “We brought together some of the best industry leaders who will help elevate the country’s businesses, making it up to par with international standards.” He continued, “We are now opening our doors for new members who want to join us in pushing this initiative.”

The Board of Trustees and founding members are composed of executives from various corporations. Presented by PLDT ALPHA, the PIOEC is now open for memberships. For more details, please visit the website at

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