Pia Wurtzbach embarks on a journey as a storyteller in Metro/Style’s cover

From being a beauty queen to becoming a book author, Pia Wurtzbach
shares how she found her new love in writing as she stuns in the elegant
and chic two-cover special of Metro.Style.

The Miss Universe 2015 winner released her debut novel “Queen of the
Universe,” which is loosely based on her personal experiences in the
industry. The book went on to become National Bookstore’s bestselling
book under fiction – international publication list last October.

“I’ve had my book at the back of my head for a while. This is really
something we’ve been working on for a long time. Hitting these goals,
from Bb. Pilipinas and now being an author, I’m not going to lie. They
were all part of my plan! I need to always go after something. If I
don’t have a goal, if I’m not seeing a goal in the far distance,
then I’ll be running in circles,” said Pia on the importance of
setting goals.

Continuing her message to be confidently beautiful with a heart, she
further extends her mission in inspiring people to work towards their
dreams and celebrate every small win in life.

“I would love for people to feel that you determine the kind crown
that you wear. You are the queen of your own universe. Hopefully
that’s the lesson people learn from this book, that being queen of the
universe doesn’t necessarily mean winning something grand. It could be
a small victory that’s very dear to you,” Pia shared.

She also opened up about her married life and more exclusive details
of her relationship with her husband, Jeremy Jauncey.

“I try to share this more on my social media just because I post a lot
of our sweet moments and our fun moments. And it looks like everything
is always rainbows and sunshine all the time. But honestly, Jeremy and
I, we talk about everything. We have very good communication, and we
talk about all the big questions,” Pia shares with Metro.Style.

The two-cover special was launched through an intimate dinner with
the Metro team and Pia’s friends in Casa Buenas, Newport World Resorts.

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