Porac enforces truck ban starting April 24

Between 6am and 8:30pm – all heavy vehicles and equipments are not allowed to pass the Porac-Angeles Road starting on April 24.

Porac Mayor Condralito Dela Cruz has issued Executive Order No. 013-2017 on Friday “imposing modification on traffic rules along the Porac-Angeles Road.”

Thus, quarry trucks will not be allowed to pass the roadway during the said hours. Quarry trucks had reportedly caused the destruction of roadways in the area and figured in several accidents in the past.

–Porac Vice Mayor Dexter David Facebook Image

Dela Cruz has ordered the modification of the traffic rules and Regulations in Porac to ease the flow of vehicles following the construction of the bridge in Barangay Manibaug Paralaya.

Dela Cruz stated in the order the “reblocking of the road in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Barangay Manibaug Paralaya, and Barangay Manubaug Libutad requires further preparation in the traffic management otherwise it would result inevitably to the escalation of the town’s existing and perennial traffic dilemma.”

“Except from all delivery trucks carrying perishable goods, food, fuel, farm products (such as feeds and fertilizers), and government vehicles and equipments, all heavy vehicles and equipments such as trucks, loaders, buses, back hoes, and among others shall be prohibited from taking or passing through the Angeles-Porac highway along the stretch from Barangay Sta. Cruz to Manubaug Pasig portion and vice versa,” the EO stated. — Ricky San Pedro