Port of Subic surpasses monthly target despite pandemic

SUBIC BAY FREEPORT – The Bureau of Customs in the Port of Subic reported on Friday, August 6, has surpassed its July month target by 1.18 percent, after the bureau collected P2.26 billion, despite the constrictions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic to investors here.

Port of Subic Collector Maritess Martin said despite the lockdown and temporary closures of most manufacturing firms in the Port of Subic since the Covid-19 virus pandemic outbreak in March, the Bureau manage to collect P2,264,448,859.74 in duties and taxes of goods due for importation.

Martin said, the amount has put the surplus collection of the Bureau with P26,448,859.74 or 1.18 percent over the adjusted monthly target (for July) which marked only to P2,238,000,000.

She added that even with coronavirus pandemic, the Port of Subic could possibly surpass its 2020 target of P24.4 billion before the year-end as the total collection has already pegged to P15,278,129,454.14 dropping the deficit to P9.15 billion or 37.47% only.

In a document provided to PNA shows that since April this year, the Port of Subic performed well amidst lockdown.

In May, the POS collected P1.74 billion which is 12% higher than the target collection of P1.56, while in June, the collection was P2.76 billion which is 45% higher than the P1.91 billion target.

Meanwhile, Collector Martin lauded the men and women of the Port of Subic for a job well done, as she saying, “Good Job Team Subic!” 

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