Proceeds from girl’s paintings to go to sick child

A 7-year-old girl will donate the proceeds of the sale of her paintings, now displayed at the city’s One Town One Product (OTOP) shop, to a child who has hydrocephalus.  

The artworks of Bella Manuel, the daughter of Executive Assistant IV Reina Manuel, are now on exhibit at OTOP, the souvenir center of the Angeles City Government. 

At a young age, the “solicitous” act of Bella, who started painting at the age of 4 ½ at the Global Arts Pampanga 2018, was admired by many.

Baby “Sean”, an eight-year-old boy from Pulung Cacutud, will receive the proceeds from the sale of Bella’s paintings, according to Executive Assistant Manuel. 

When Bella learned about the condition of Baby “Sean”, how his condition affects his day-to-day life, she politely asked her mother how she could do something in her own little way for Baby “Sean” – urging her to sell her 10 artworks for a cause at the OTOP shop. 

She felt the compassion to help her fellow kids in her own simple way, by portraying selfless love and care to everyone. 

Manuel said this is such a small way to support the family of Baby Sean.
“As much as we can, we want to provide support to those who need it most. Our family wants to do something for people who has the condition,” she added.

Hydrocephalus is a condition which occurs from an accumulation of fluid in the brain, causing increased pressure inside the skull. 

Babies that are born with hydrocephalus often have distinctive features such as a large head, or downward looking eyes.

The condition can also cause seizures, episodes of vomiting, muscle spasms and difficulty walking.

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