Rep. Roman pushes for proper classification of PHL hospitals

ORANI, Bataan– Bataan 1stDistrict Representative Geraldine B. Roman last August 29, 2019, filed House Bill no. 4264 or An Act Standardizing the Classification of Hospitals in the Philippines or the “Hospitals Classification Act of 2019.” 

The proposed bill aims to ensure that hospitals are properly classified so the general public is made aware of where to go for specific illnesses and treatments.

According to Congresswoman Roman, a standardized mechanism of classifying hospitals must be adopted and properly implemented.

“A robust classification shall also ensure that hospitals adhere to the minimum guidelines necessary for the proper and efficient delivery of health services. Furthermore, a rationalized classification of hospitals will simplify licensing systems and processes and make the regulatory scheme more effective and efficient,” Roman emphasized.

Presently, Philippine hospitals fall under 3 different levels as set out by Department of Health guidelines. Level 1 is the most basic. According to DOH’s Dr. Kenneth Hartigan-Go, DOH hospitals under this bracket don’t require intensive care units (ICU), and cater to patients who need minor care and supervision.

Further, if there’s a need for a referral, a patient can go to a Level 2 hospital. A Level 2 hospital contains all the elements of Level 1, as well as additional facilities like an ICU for critically ill patients and specialist doctors for gynecology and pediatric services. 

If a patient need a high-level specialty intervention like physical rehabilitation or dialysis treatment, then you go to a Level 3 hospital. Some hospitals also serve as training facilities for nurses and doctors. Regardless of classification, all hospitals need to have emergency room services.

Roman’s bill also aims to complement the enactment of the Universal Health Care Act in relation to the World Health Organization’s call for the Philippine government to make a real investment in health care to save lives.  

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