Return of Investment

When people want something, they would stop at nothing to get it. This is applicable not only with regard to material possessions, but to emotions as well.
People invest in emotions as much as they invest money in a particular business or endeavor. They expect to get an ROI – return of investment – after making so much effort to make the business, or the relationship, successful.
Of course, some are lucky to get an ROI in just a few months’ time. Some get theirs years after the investment. Nevertheless, they get what they want, plus interest.
Others, on the other hand, are not so fortunate. All their efforts, all for nothing. But see, they had no inkling of what was coming because that something that they invested in – that something that they so wanted – made them feel special and all fluffy inside.
In short, they were given false hope. They expected too much out of that something, becoming blind to the fact that their ROI is going down the drain, eventually losing all sense of reality until it’s too late. Worse is, they just watch and let everything fade into nothingness. And when not a morsel is left, the reality of the loss sets in – and all hell breaks lose.
People have lost their sanity over this, choosing to retreat into depression than do something to get out of the quagmire they got themselves into. They run and hide to avoid facing the harshness of it all, all the while refusing to accept the rejection.
Nothing happened. But you know something did – almost, at least. Doesn’t that count? Doesn’t that matter, even a little bit? You know it does, but your stubborn little head – that very brilliant mind – refuses to acknowledge it.
Sometimes, you have to face the music. You, of all people, should know that. Let the beauty flow through you, let it stay in your veins… because once that beautiful melody fades, you can’t get it back that easily – sometimes not at all.
Losing something so important though, triggers something in people. It drives them to stand up and try again, and not let anyone tell them they have better things to do than make a fool out of themselves.
There’s still a chance. There’s still hope. Because deep inside, you know you made a direct hit. You felt it, and you know it.
So is it too late? Nope, not too late at all.
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