Sfelapco shares electricity safety, saving tips for Undas  

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO—San Fernando Electric Light and Power Company (Sfelapco) is dedicated to promoting electricity conservation and ensuring safety for the upcoming holidays. 

As Filipinos eagerly anticipate long weekends and ample holiday breaks, the power distribution firm underscored the importance of observing power-saving measures and prioritize safety in homes and public spaces. 

One important occasion among Filipinos is the upcoming All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, where families traditionally gather in cemeteries to honor and remember their loved ones. 

During these times, Sfelapco is reminding its consumers to exercise caution and maintain electrical safety to prevent any accidents or mishaps from occurring. 

Consumers must thoroughly check all electrical outlets and appliances in their homes. 

By doing so, Sfelapco said, the homeowners can ensure that everything is in good condition, avoiding any potential hazards caused by faulty wiring or equipment. 

Sfelapco recommends the switching-off of any unnecessary appliances to prevent overheating, which may lead to fire incidents. 

Sfelapco added that most appliances still consume electricity, albeit in small amounts, when plugged to power supply even when these are switched-off. 

The best way to make sure they don’t waste power even when not in use is to uplug them from the outlets altogether. 

When visiting cemeteries, it is important to refrain from making illegal connections to power sources. 

Engaging in such activities can pose severe risks, including the possibility of electrocution. 

“To ensure a safe and appropriate power supply, it is advised to consult qualified electricians and cemetery administrators who can provide guidance on proper power installations,” Sfelapco said. 

For areas in cemeteries with no proper electrical installations, the public must avoid overloading appliances, which can lead to electrical failures and accidents. 

“Exercise prudence when using electrical devices in these areas and adhere to the recommended load limits to prevent any mishaps from occurring,” Sfelapco added.

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