SM Malls in Olongapo bring smiles to kids

SM Cares, with SM Supermalls and Toy Kingdom, returned with their annual Christmas charity project, the SM Bears of Joy.

This year, SM malls in Olongapo distributed Bears of Joy plushies to their chosen beneficiaries, including the kids of Kalalake Elementary School and SPED Center, Rotary of Empowered Leaders and kids of St. Joseph College Junior High School. The recipients were overjoyed to receive these special gifts, which served as a symbol of love and hope during the festive season.

The generous support of customers and partners had been instrumental in making the SM Bears of Joy initiative a success, bringing joy and warmth to countless children during the holiday season.

This year, SM launched their very first B-POP (short for Bear Pop) group, the Bear Pop Squad. This new group of idols captured the hearts of fans with the relatable stories they shared, mirroring their fans’ daily experiences.

This collection of toy plushies featured four brand-new designs that draw inspiration from the K-POP and P-POP community, and highlighted the unity and togetherness in fan culture when it comes to celebrating shared interests.

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