SSS covers over half a million more temporary government workers

SSS covers over half a million more temporary government workers Over
half a million government workers under job order (JO) and contract of
service (COS) workers employment status not covered by the Government
Service Insurance System (GSIS) can now enjoy social security protection
thanks to the SSS membership expansion program started by SSS President
and Chief Operating Officer (PCEO) Rolando Ledesma Macasaet.

Social Security System (SSS) Executive Vice President for Branch Operations
Sector Voltaire P. Agas said the new SSS members would not only improve
the financial standing of the state pension fund but also fulfill
further its mandate to provide social security protection to as many
Filipinos as possible. Agas said Macasaet decided to include temporary
government workers in SSS coverage through the KaSSSangga Collect
Program as they were not covered by GSIS programs.

“We are sad to hear their stories that, after decades of public service, they have zero
savings and do not receive any pension when they retire, Macasaet was
quoted as saying. “Through the KaSSSangga Collect Program, temporary
public workers will be registered as self-employed members while their
respective organizations shall collect and remit their contributions to
the SSS, thereby helping them to become eligible for Social Security and
Employees’ Compensation benefits.’ Among the many government agencies
that entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOU) with SSS under the
KaSSSangga Collect Program were the Quezon City District 2 of the
Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). This MOU will cover over
200 of their JO and COS workers, who are mostly street sweepers.

Agas said that the largest membership coverage was recorded in Quezon
City with around 15,000 JOs after SSS PCEO Macasaet and Quezon City
Mayor Joy Belmonte signed an agreement last January 29, 2024. Prior to
the SSS-QC Government partnership, the pension fund has already sealed
agreements with the Local Government of Mandaluyong, Taguig and Malabon
in 2023.

“As they are exposed to various health hazards while performing
their duties, the more these workers deserve social security protection
regardless of their employment status in the government,” Agas

Agas said more government agencies employing JO workers are
expected to join the KaSSSangga Collect Program. In January 2024 alone,
Agas said SSS had sealed partnerships with 32 government institutions in
the National Capital Region. Likewise, an additional 74 program partners
from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao also joined the agreements which
secured the SSS membership of 2,251 temporary government workers, he

Agas urged other public sector leaders and groups to extend
social security protection to their constituents and colleagues by
subsidizing their monthly SSS contributions.

“They can shoulder the contribution payments of their chosen recipients for at least six months
through the Contribution Subsidy Provider Program. Let us join forces to
invest in the future of our fellow workers in government through
equitable social security protection,” Agas said.

Agas noted that SSS was able to collect over P7.08 billion worth of workers’ contributions
from 2015 to 2023 under the program. Over 2,100 Local Government Units
(LGUs) remitted P4.66 billion worth of contributions while almost 700
National Government Agencies (NGAs) and Government Owned and Controlled
Corporations (GOCCs) paid P2.03 billion. On the other hand, over 100
State Colleges and Universities (SUCs) remitted P289.91 million SSS
contributions and 86 Local Water Districts (LWDs) paid P97.64 million.

“We commend the proactive stance of our partners in the government
sector in providing adequate social safety nets to their JO and COS
workers through active SSS membership,” Agas said. He added that their
significant role as coverage and collection partners helped SSS in
generating higher revenues while also providing meaningful benefits to
all members. It was recently announced that in 2023, SSS achieved P83.13
billion net income that year, with a huge bulk coming from contribution
collection of P309.12 billion.

Agas attributed the outstanding financial performance of SSS last year
to the efforts of the SSS management and employees in intensifying its
collection activities such as registering new paying members, improved
collection from delinquent employers, and the 2023 contribution rate

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